Manfred & Cracco

Horloge merk Manfred & Cracco wordt gelanceerd ism Rodania. 

Inspired by Manfred Aebi, rebel and avant-garde marketer who took charge of the Rodania brand in 1951 at young age and was key to its success, the perfect representation of the Manfred+Cracco spirit.

Just one example of Manfred’s go-getter, rebel attitude:

“In the very beginning I came up with the idea to strap a big Rodania watch to the top of my car and drive it around the local cycle race. Later, I thought it’d be better to add a little jingle. I heard Beethoven’s 5th symphony on the radio, and it was a perfect fit for the signature “Ro-Da-Nia” sound. Because the tune was too loud for the race they made me drive in front of it, which actually ended up becoming our trademark: Rodania was the first thing the audience saw, the sign that the race was coming” – Manfred Aebi

Manfred+Cracco came forth as the brainchild of Philip Cracco, the true entrepreneur who took over Rodania in 2015 and noticed the need for an individual and savvy watch brand.

We believe in those eager to live, and aware about it too. Those who challenge themselves and bypass the standards. The creators, idea generators, the innovators. Always courageous and bold. Young, independent spirits who define greatness and consciously choose quality. The people that inspire. For them, we created a fresh new watch brand, Manfred+Cracco.

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